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Brand Advantage

Brand Advantage

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Shanghai Chuangdao has been committed to the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of automation equipment for the logistics industry. Over the years, we have obtained rich experience and achieved a lot of achievements in the production line equipment of household air conditioners (wall-mounted, cabinet type), commercial air conditioners, and central air conditioners.

With market demand, after long-term cultivation, the main business has expanded from manufacturing home appliances and light industry production line equipment in the initial period to automobile engines, new energy automobile motors, power batteries, special cables, logistics sorting equipment, etc. Areas. At the same time, it has also begun to emerge in the AGV intelligent navigation vehicle, system intelligent equipment and robot applications.


Process understanding

We design and integrate intelligent production lines facing future complex changes through the investigation, understanding and optimization suggestions of the production process of the enterprise; provide integrated logistics solutions that adapt to the needs of intelligent production, including warehousing, batching, feeding, restocking, and materials Information management, etc. On the basis of intelligent production and intelligent logistics, we provide manufacturing enterprises with MES covering functions such as production model establishment, order management, production management, capacity scheduling, equipment management, quality management, traceability and exception management, data analysis and reporting. The system realizes the intelligent production of the factory. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of information islands between the various systems in the factory, break through the data barriers between the various systems, formulate standard data interfaces and horizontally integrate MES, WMS, production lines, etc., to achieve information sharing and intercommunication among various systems.



Creative Engineering Center

Diversified customized solutions:

Our solutions are based on the concept of lean production and are flexible, scalable and lean. We design and manufacture customized solutions for customers to improve their competitiveness in terms of quality, cost and service.

Engineering design and manufacturing:

In China, we have more than 200 engineering service personnel dedicated to the design, manufacturing and project management of each project, guaranteeing the quality and delivery time of each project with rich design experience, rigorous manufacturing technology and comprehensive project management capabilities.

On-site installation and service:

At the customer site, Chuangdao provides a full range of services, including the entire process of production line installation, production line operation, and optimization.


Equipment standard module

Flexible components-any form of flexibility is based on mechanical standardization.

In each project of Chuangdao, we have been promoting the application of equipment standardization modules and the basic design criteria of Chuangdao engineering specifications in terms of ergonomics, safety, etc., which enable us to design and develop costs, fast delivery, etc. Bringing significant advantages, but also saving customers a lot of equipment investment costs.

The main features of special plane equipment and line structure are:
-Standard base
-Standard framework
-Standard pallet jacking mechanism
-Standard gas path installation template
-Standard form of safety fence

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